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Web Development Services

We offer web development services using WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla and Shopify platforms. For the projects that require custom design and functionality, the back-end is done through the Django framework, a framework based on the Python programming language. For structuring and implementing the design - the front-end component - we use Bootstrap and Javascript, which ensure the adaptability of the website to the browser or device from which it is accessed by the end user.

WEB services

What other services do we offer?


With the help of our partners, we can provide you with web development related services, so that your business can benefit from a better online visibility.

Working closely with our partners in all projects, we manage to offer you an integrated solution in terms of the online presence of your business.




With the ecommerce services we offer, you will be able to start selling online in less than 24 hours after completing the website.



Google Adwords

Through PPC campaigns, your traffic will increase and your online presence will be more and more visible.



Social Media

We create an online presence on social networks so that you get in touch with potential customers, but also with existing ones.



Facebook ADS

We run Awareness campaigns for your brand or the services you offer, as well as the posts on the product page.

Our work process


Step 1


We discuss directly with the client to find out all the ideas.

Step 2


We start implementing the ideas into the website.

Step 3


The client checks the website and provides feedback.

Step 4

The launch

The website is almost ready and the business can launch.

Project Management

We provide project management and consulting services, starting from the specifics of the business. Before writing any line of code, we need to consider the purpose of the website, outline the overall post-implementation marketing strategy and decide what are the requirements and time steps to follow. If we also participate in the development of the website, we will ensure that the steps set out in the initial strategy are carried out according to the initial specifications. Moreover, we can assist you in outlining the development, scaling and marketing budget of the entire project.

Integrated consultancy for an online presence

The team is made up of members specialized in various areas related to web development. Due to our capabilities and experience, we can handle the initial research in terms of the overall website strategy, content and design. At the same time we perform the competitive analysis from the point of view of search engines, social media and general placement in the online market.