Wayne Development


The story of our team

This is about us, about Wayne-dev and the team behind it.
Wayne Development

The story behind the team

About us
Wayne Development has been created with the intention to innovate, in time, the whole web development market in western Romania. In a very volatile environment, we set out our objective to bring professionalism translated primarily by the predictability of the way of working, stability in terms of collaboration and its durability over time.


The well-organized projects are created by the technical part of the team. Every business has its needs, and it also has specific goals that it must achieve. The transition from offline to online may seem complicated, but in reality, things involve an extensive research process. The development of a project, either for presentation or for an online store, is in the hands of our professionals. The recipe for success is to design a well-developed strategy based on technical, creative and organizational principles.

We like to believe that the product itself is not just a ticked project, but a result of the fact that the end-user browses the customer’s site with pleasure, spends a special experience and manages to make purchases without any mistakes. The personalization of each project is reflected in the authenticity of the business with which it differs from the competition.


Digital marketing has taken on new nuances that open many doors to business, either by selling services or by selling products through online stores. A strong online presence is based on a multitude of creative processes, time invested in research, materials delivered by the client and effective communication through a beneficial collaborative relationship. Existing resources and promotional tools are constantly evolving as technology evolves. Attracting end-users is born through the magic with which the copywriter manages to highlight the words, the advertising experts who generate results transformed into sales and the graphic designer who expresses the defining message through images.

The goal of every business is to create online notoriety, frequent traffic and get results through sales. With well-thought-out management and a flexible budget, the chances of success can reach the peak of success.

Our family

Our team

Our journey began in 2017 with a small team, consisting of two ambitious people, whose mission was to provide the best solutions and IT products for different businesses in Romania and beyond. The team has grown over time, and the number of colleagues has grown steadily, given our desire to evolve and be able to deliver quality services and products in the most reasonable terms for our customers and partners.

Alex Anciu

Project Manager

Irinel Mită

Partner & Senior
Web Developer

Ovidiu Mureșan

Founder OptimPRO
UX/UI Expert

Oana Olteanu

Social Media Manager

Vlad Vrăbii

Specialist marketing & SEO

Raula Huțan


Denis Serban

Web developer